Fashion/Wardrobe Stylist

Fashion/Costume Designer/Buyer

       Calgary, Alberta   

Canadian Citizen

   IATSE 212 Permitee   




I am a Fashion/Wardrobe/Celebrity Stylist, Fashion/Costume Designer and Buyer in Western Canada.

I have over twelve years of experience in the Fashion Industry including Fashion Styling, Wardrobe Styling, Celebrity Styling,

Fashion Design, Costume Design, running a Modelling Agency and acting as Booking Agent and International Model Developer.

I am a Commercial Fashion Stylist as well as a Permitee Wardrobe Stylist and Buyer in the Tv and Film Industry.

I am a Personal Shopper and Edit Closets for Private Clients. I am also an experienced Prop and Food Stylist. In the Fashion Design realm,

I do Custom orders for Private Clients for Personal, Commercial and Print use. I am a Fashion Expert and have appeared on CTVML as

well as Breakfast Television and do so on a regular basis. My work can be seen in Editorials in Magazines, on Billboards,

on Celebrities in Music Videos and awards shows such as the CCMA's and the Juno awards, on TV Promos and Commercials,

in a Feature Film in a Series on Netflix as a Buyer for "El Chicano" that will be in theatres in Spring 2019 as well as as a Costume Designer 

for the IMAX Documentary "Asteroid Impact"that will also be in Theatres Spring 2019.



*Budgeting *Staying within a budget *Creating Look Book/Wardrobe Deck *Researching

*Sourcing *Shopping *Design *Personal Assisting *Alterations *Sewing *Pattern Drafting *Cutting *Critical Eye for fine detail

*Personal Shopping *Closet Edits *Public speaking *Workshops *Fashion Shows-private and public *Dresser *Hair and Makeup Touch ups

*Working under time constraint *Creative mind *Critical eye *Visual

*Organized *Quick *Set etiquette *Hard working *Professional *Fashion Design Teacher *Editorial Stylist *Commercial Stylist

*Wardrobe Stylist *Assistant *Fashion Show Model Caller *Fashion Stylist *Wardrobe Stylist *Fashion Expert *Fashion Designer *Buyer

*Team player *Booker *Breakdown on wardrobe *Team Training/coaching *Lay downs/Flat Lays


Union work IATSE 212

El Chicano Netflix Movie: Buyer: June - September 2017, Completed 199 Hours

Damnation NBC Universal Series/Netflix: On Set Wardrobe Stylist - September 2017 Completed 12 Hours

True Fiction Indi Movie: Buyer: January - February 2018, Completed 40 Hours

IMAX Documentary "Asteroid Impact" Costume Designer July - September 2018, Completed 144 hours 


Television Show Styling

CTVML: September 2011 - present

CTV Calgary: September 2011 - present

The Property Brothers "At home on the ranch" HGTV:  July 2015

On Air Fashion Segments

CTVML: September 2011 - present

Latest Segment being "How to pack using only a carry on for Europe" April 2018

Breakfast Television: 2009 - present

Last Segment being "What to wear to a Gala" December 2018



Moxies Commercials: 2008-2018

Shark Club Commercial: 2009-2013

CTV Calgary Promo's: 2011-present

CTVML Promos': 2011 - present

Fairmont Hotel Banff Springs Commercial: 2012-2014

Shaw Commercials 2013- present

Rogers Commercial: Mark Messier and Connor McDavid 2016

HGTV Commercial: The Property brothers  “At home on the ranch”: 2016

Clorox Commercial: 2016

Ziplock/Star Wars U.S.A Commercial: 2016

USAA Bank U.S.A Commercial: 2016

Citi Bank Mortgage U.S.A Commercial:  2016

Glad U.S.A Commercial: 2016

Chevrolet Commercial -  First Assistant for Jayna Mansbridge: 2016

Expedia Commercial: First Assistant for Jayna Mansbridge: 2016

Alberta Chiropractor Commercial: First Assistant for Jayna Mansbridge: 2016

Enmax Commercial: First Assistant for Jayna Mansbridge: 2017

Edmonton Eskimos Commercial: First Assistant for Jayna Mansbridge: 2017

WCLC Sports Select Commercial: 2017- present

Sport Check Olympics 2018 Commercial: 2017

Kinder Morgan Commercial: First Assistant for Jayna Mansbridge: 2017

Edmonton Eskimos "One Empire" Commercial First Assistant Jayna Mansbridge: 2017

Toyota Commercial Mike Holmes: 2017

ATCO Gas - First Assistant for Jayna Mansbridge: 2017

ATB Commercial: First Assistant for Jayna Mansbridge: 2017-2018

ATB Commercial: 2018

Global Calgary Promo’s: 2018-present

Toyota Commercial Les Stroud "Survivorman": 2018

Nissan Commercial: First Assistant for Kenya Hushagen: 2018

Hyundai Commercial First Assistant for Jayna Mansbridge: 2018

Budweiser NHL Red Light Episodes: 2018

Petro Canada Olympic Commercial: 2018

Direct Energy Commercial: 2018

Cadillac Commercial - First Assistant for Jayna Mansbridge: 2018

Calgary Economic Development Commercial with Andrew Phung: 2018

AT&T Commercial – 2018 - present

McDonalds Commercials in French and English : Silent Earl - July 2018

Rogers Sportsnet: December 2018

West Jet Commercials: 2018 - present

G.O.A Commercial: 2018


Print Work

Sport Check: 2009-present

MWWH: 2009-2015

Enbridge: 2009

Bud Light: 2009

The Montana: Lemonade Pictures Inc.: 2009

Glenfiddich USA: 2009

Canadian Tourism: 2009

Edo Japan: 2010

Calgary Tourism: 2010

Brewsters Pub and Restaurant: 2011

Jugo Juice: 2012

Castle Mountain Properties: 2012

Calbridge Homes: 2013

Home Depot USA: 2016

Avenue Magazine: Corb Lund: 2018

Costume Design Work

Shark Club Calendar Costumes: 2009 - 2013

Shaw Commercial Kids Tracksuits: 2018

AT&T Zombie Costumes Assisted by Kerri Lalonde: 2018

AT&T Viking Costume Assisted by Kerri Lalonde: 2018

AT&T Game of Thrones Costume Assisted by Kerri Lalonde: 2018

IMAX "Asteroid Impact" Costume Designer, Assisted by Kerri Lalonde: 2018

Shopping Malls - Print and Social Media Content

Londonderry Mall Social Media Content: 2017-present

Marlborough Mall Social Media Content and Print: 2017-2018

Midtown Plaza Social Media Content and Print: 2018 - present

Core Shopping Mall Personal Shopper 2010 - 2012

E - Commerce

Sport Check Swim: 2017- present

Sport Check Athletic wear: 2017 - present

Sport Check Kids Denim: 2017 - present

Flat Lays/Lay Downs

MWWH/Mark's 2010-2016

Sport Check 2017 - Present

Music Videos

Bobby Wills Music video "Tougher than love" : July 2016

Bobby Wills Music video “Out of your mind” : March 2018


Avenue Magazine: 2008-present

Hello Canada Magazine: 2008

Calgary Herald: 2008

Esquire Magazine: 2009

Freq Magazine: 2014


Education and Training

First Aid Course - 2018

Set Etiquette and Protocol Course - 2014

Fashion Design Certificate– LaSalle College Montreal, Quebec, Canada - 2000-2003

I graduated with a three year Certificate at LaSalle College in Montreal, Quebec. I Interned with DUY a Local Quebecois Fashion Designer

General Studies - Mount Royal College - Calgary, AB, Canada Studied from 1996-1997

Mandarin Lessons - T.L.I (Taipei Language Institute) - Kaohsiung, Taiwan, R.O.C - 2003-2004



Jayna Mansbridge - Costume Designer, Wardrobe Stylist


John Kerr EP/Producer/PM


Karen Malcolm-Pye - Makeup Artist